The Upgraded Party Building of Private Enterprises: What They've Done This Year!

Jul. 07, 2023

The year 2023 marks the beginning of fully implementing the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, embarking on a new journey toward striving for goal. The development of the Party and the country has reached a higher historical starting point.


To realize the complementary advantages of Party organizations, strive to build resource sharing, and jointly improve the new pattern of Party building work, the Party Committee of Zhendong Group and the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau of Changzhi have carried out a series of activities for Party building cooperation and a win-win future. They organized a party member forum with the theme of "Maintaining Determination, Upholding the Spirit of Struggle, and Being Courageous in Overcoming Difficulties".

 The Upgraded Party Building of Private Enterprises: What They've Done Like This Year!

On July 1st, in celebration of the 102nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Party Committee of Zhendong Group and the Bureau of Agricultural and Rural Affairs of Changzhi visited the Wuxiang Taihang Eight Route Army Memorial Museum, a red revolutionary education base, to conduct party history learning and education activities. They revisited history, paid tribute to the martyrs, and received the baptism of the revolutionary spirit.


The Taihang Memorial Museum of the Eighth Route Army is the only large-scale military-themed memorial hall in China that comprehensively reflects the eight-year anti-Japanese war history of the Eighth Route Army and the various base areas in North China. It is an excellent patriotic education base integrating education, scientific research, and tourism.


Here, the representatives of the Party members of Zhendong Group, with the Secretary of Party Committee, Song Lili, solemnly grasped their right fists, recited the oath of joining the Party, remembered their original intentions when joining the Party, and expressed their unlimited loyalty to the Party and their firm determination to serve the people with resolute vows.


The party lecture at this forum was somewhat special. As an innovative attempt for collaborative and mutually beneficial party building work, Ren Jun, a comrade from the Bureau of Agricultural and Rural Affairs of Changzhi, took the stage and shared “the key policies concerning rural areas”.

 The Upgraded Party Building of Private Enterprises: What They've Done Like This Year!

Through "History in Images," Song Lili, the Secretary of Party Committee of Zhendong Group, presented rare old photos in the classroom, reviewing the glorious history of the Party and commemorating its achievements, helping all Party members to understand the greatness of the Party.


During the forum, the Party Committee of the group also commended six advanced grassroots Party branches, 52 outstanding Communist Party members, and six outstanding party workers. They expressed that they would turn honor into motivation, embark on a new journey, be brave in overcoming difficulties, and continuously contribute to the construction of a strong nation and the great rejuvenation of the nation.


In July 1996, the Party branch of Zhendong Group was established, followed by the establishment of the Party General Branch in 1997 and the Party Committee in 2005. It currently has two grassroots Party committees and 22 Party branches. Party organizations have achieved full coverage from the headquarters to the subsidiaries and affiliated companies. The number of Party members has grown from the initial five to 613, an increase of more than 100 times.


Among the existing Party members, 448 hold managerial positions, accounting for nearly 70% of the total number of Party members. Over the past 30 years, the Party Committee of Shanxi Zhendong Health Industry Group Co., Ltd. has cultivated and recommended 892 talents in various positions, including 389 professionals in fields such as biology, chemical medicine, and traditional Chinese medicine, providing talent guarantees for the goal of building a century-old enterprise and creating a century-old brand.

 The Upgraded Party Building of Private Enterprises: What They've Done Like This Year!

In the process of promoting high-quality development of the enterprise, the Party Committee of Zhendong Group focuses on the central work of the group, finds the integration points between Party building work and the production and operation of the enterprise, emphasizes practicality, highlights effectiveness, fully exerts the role of grassroots Party organizations as fortresses, and enhances the inherent vitality and creativity of the enterprise.


The cultivation model of "developing Party members into key persons and developing key persons into Party members" contributes to the exemplary role of Party members. The Party Committee of Zhendong Group adheres to promoting the main theme, delivering positive energy, and The Party Committee of Zhendong Group adheres to. Focusing on the overall development of the enterprise, it vigorously implements the "four management" mechanism of Party-managed culture, talent, poverty alleviation, and discipline. The Party Committee of Zhendong Group has explored a new path of distinctive Party building, truly achieving the "win-win" goal of expanding the brand, improving quality, and enhancing organizational combat effectiveness!

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