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Liu Wei Di Huang Pill


Product name: Liu Wei Di Huang Pill

Chinese name: Liu Wei Di Huang Wan

Specifications:8 pills*45bag/box

Origin: Shanxi,China

Quality Guarantee Period: 36 months

Storage: Sealed, Avoid moisture



Jiaozuo City, Henan Province: DIOSCOREAE RHIZOMA

Xixia County, Henan Province: CORNI FRUCTUS

Tongling City, Henan Province: MOUTAN CORTEX

Yunnan Province: PORIA


Usage and Dosage: Oral administration. 1 bag once, 3 times a day.


Take with warm water and light salt water.

Avoid spicy food during medication.

Do not take cold medicine while taking medicine.

In case of anorexia, stomach discomfort, loose stool, abdominal pain and other symptoms, please stop using.

After taking pills for a month, stop for a week; or take pills for a week, during which stop for a day or two days to keep the body rest properly.

People with weak spleen and stomach should take pills 10-15 minutes after meal.

Kidney yang deficiency, low back and knees, frequent urination, loose stools and cold limbs should not be taken.

Implementation criteria: Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 Edition 1


Nourishing yin and kidney. It is used for kidney Yin loss, dizziness, tinnitus, sore waist and knees, bone steaming, hot flashes, night sweat and spermatorrhea.

Packaging Details

120 boxes/carton

History & Medical Theory of Liu Wei Di Huang Pill

Liu Wei Di Huang Pill: Qianyi from Song Dynasty, Xiao'er Yaozheng Zhijue (A.D. 1119)

Juvenile supplement, Pioneer of nourishing Yin, Avoid efficacy of a drug in vain, Fault taking and excessive supplement, advocate 'soft and moist'.

Prescription Composition: Rehmanniae radix praeparata, Corni fructus, Dioscoreae rhizoma, Alismatis rhizoma, Moutan cortex, Poria. Without Aconitum and Cinnamomi ramulus in Bawei Dihuang Pill, the Rehmanniae radix praeparata replaced Flavo aridam.

Action & Indication: Children congential deficiency and growth retardation.

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